Two Scholarship in a Row

This is funny, lucky, happy, and make me busy during final exam week hahahaha

So i got the information about winter bootcamp in Chulalongkorn University from my home university International Office. I applied with pessimist feelings, because i don’t think my idea is good enough to have start-up bootcamp and it’s in Chula! C’mon! That’s why once i filled the form, it has requirement to record video about startup idea, i was too lazy to record it LOL.

They have scholarship for ASEAN university network (if accepted) to join this event for free! But if we’re not in scholarship we should pay 100.000 Baht  and that’s A LOOOTTT! I don’t have that hella money :/

Then i got email that i’m accepted to join this winter bootcamp! I’m surprised of course! I didn’t even believe with whatever i’ve filled to that form, like i didn’t brag about anything related to my startup idea, AND THEY CHOOSE ME? This is crazy!

This is picture that shared by CU Innovation HUB Facebook page

So, once i saw the picture of those who accepted in scholarship through facebook page, i send it to my mom and said i’ll be study in 2 universities in here so i can ask for more money hahaha

I’m super excited because my startup idea basically is just my personal project. At that time i really enthusiast with UI design, so i made couple wireframe for my ‘fake apps’ i called it Sejalan, without any expectation. Sejalan basically is hitchhiking apps, i never tried hitchhiking before because i’m too afraid to do that, but i really wanna do that! hahaha that’s why i try to make this apps.

Before i came to Thailand, i asked my friend who’s enthusiast with UI as well to working on ‘demo’ and brainstorm some ideas, her name is Fatah, but we didn’t have enough time, then i flew to Thailand. I had the lights to ‘let’s make this apps‘ again, after i visited Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018  and at that time i knew whatever happen with this apps either it could be huge or just a spect of dust in apps world, i should start it first and then try to make it better later, because at least it helps some people.

This scholarship makes me feel more confident also optimist with my idea! I can’t believe i will make it in real apps which is i’m sooo happy for that! OMG I went nuts! My mind about to explode!

This scholarship will started in 3rd of December until 16 December, and around 11-14 i had final exam which i’m little bit afraid about that maybe i can just skip all of that.

I talked to fatah that i got this bootcamp scholarship and she also excited to make it real! And of course i asked for some reference about UI stuff to her hahaha

I hope this apps will turn into real apps and i can use it in Indonesia, i kinda have good feeling about that. I would be super happy if my friends could use my apps to help other people to go somewhere or they have good experience while using this apps, i’ll be so proud! like finally everybody brave enough to do hitchhiking and hitchhiking it’s not that ‘crazy’ or risky anymore. Then I’ll feel relieve for making something small but has impact to others, i always want to helps lot’s of people and i hope this apps could make my wish come true!

I will really serious to absorb everything i got in that bootcamp! Make my apps! Gosh i’m soo crazy about this. I could put this experience in my unforgettable memories while in Thailand! hahaha

Got 2 scholarship in 2 universities in Thailand? Why not?



*Play Crazy in Love – Beyonce*

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