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The Whole Journey in Thailand

Here’s little recap about my best time in Thailand. I will tell you everything good about Thailand of course! I could say that i’m living my best life in here, even there’s always some bad times, but i just want to forget that for the sake of having really good memories about Thailand.

Even i still have couple weeks in here, but i think this post could sum up everything.


“Scared of the world outside you should go explore” – John Mayer (Great Indoors)

I really like John Mayer Room for Square album, and Great Indoors is one of the best for me. I like the lyrics, it’s basically tells you to go outside of your comfort zone. I never go outside of Indonesia before, everything that i knew about the world is just internet-based, never been somewhere and check out what’s really going on there. Thailand definitely was more like personal journey finding myself, seeing myself as i never seen it before, sometimes it made me hate myself as well, but i’m glad i could find my bad side then trying to fix it soon.

Thailand is my very first country to visit, of course i have fears about how to survive in here before i came, also the fear that i can’t connect with local people.

Yes! Connect with local people is one of important things for me, because as foreigner it’d be cool if i can experience everything in local ways. Actually i always happy (also sad), when Thai people think that i’m one of them, because we had similar face, and sad at the same time because once they talk to me with Thai language, i had to response that i can’t speak Thai, when actually i’m deadly trying to learn it everyday and none of those words could stay long last in my head.

Uni Life

I met other international students in Orientation Day and directly asked every person that i met their Facebook or Instagram account, it’s super helpful when you could met 20 new friends each day and freakin’ hard to remember their names LOL (at this point, thanks social media!). Also i met local students, at the beginning i met some of them (buddies) when we had faculty orientation, then i met others in class. I was super shy to greet Thai friends at the first place, and i hate this ‘shy-saprila’ when i met new people.

The Underline

Wew, there’s loootts of shit that i didn’t write down here because some sensitive names or issues, but if you met me and ask me personally about my Thailand journey and only if i’m in a good mood, i would definitely lost my words to tell it.

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