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I was born and raised in a small city named Blitar (East Java) well not that small actually, but the development slightly slow in some cases.

I have to drive my motorbike for an hour if i want to see some movies in cinema, or just for the sake of Mc Donald for my tummy. Yup, our city didn’t have any mall or cinema, not even fast food restaurant! Since i was kid until early of my university life, they opened KFC around 2015 (or 2016?)

When i was 5 or something, we still have one cinema and i still remember the detail of the building until now, i really want to see Harry Potter movie at that time, but then suddenly it closed forever and i don’t know why. Some people said it’s closed because of the owner bankrupt, some said it’s because of fire, even some people believe that the cinema got bombed hahahaha

That’s why the very first time i stepped my feet in cinemas was 2014! It was in Jakarta, not even in Blitar. I swear, this is f-king true! I watched Maleficent!

When social media start to attack us, especially when Path apps coming, update our current location outside of the city and post a picture of movie ticket was massive at that time. Lots of my friend come to the cinema just to updated their social media, they don’t care about the movie tho (im so sorry to say this). And i never said yes every time my friends ask me to hang out outside of town for a movie.

Growing up in a small city and really far from ‘instant’ entertainment access, made me questioning “what about those kids that born and raised in capital city like Jakarta? they can just walk to the mall and have good time in good ‘fancy facilities’. What if they’re far apart from all that entertainment sources?” this question haunting me every time.

Last week i knew the answer!

Based on what i heard some people that could be the subject of my question, they said that; they prefer to be in a crowded place, and easy to reach everything (food, transportation, entertainment, etc) than being in a place far away from those facilities, in this case (Bangkok-Rangsit). Hearing their opinion was really interesting, everybody has their own point and story,  everything just make sense for a villagers like me hahaha.

The main point of all those ‘grumble’ is; Adjusting in new far-facilities was quite hard for those ‘metro-kid’, because they used to have everything they want and it’s close to one and another. They were afraid of losing the ‘fast-served’ everything, they don’t want to take that shitty bus just to get a pizza, or stuck in traffic jam when they’re in a rush for a movie. Everything should be fast, because life’s fast, no chill for waiting and waiting.

For me so far, Rangsit is enough. If i want to have more, i can just take the bus or van to Bangkok, and everything seems enough.

But this year, Blitar just have a brand new mall and there’s cinema inside, and I hate it. What if i lose my patient with everything?

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