Thailand Visual Culture 1#

Here’s my first impression about visual culture in Bangkok.

Besides the Palace and river destination, Bangkok known with cheap place for shopping spree.

If we talking about business, surely they need advertisement to promote their products to attract buyers. I’m so amazed how people in here put their ads and it doesn’t disturb me with being ‘too noisy’ by putting their posters, banners, stickers everywhere, i don’t know why.

Meanwhile this is how it looks like when you visit most of Indonesian street, especially in tourism place;

Streets in Jogja

I went to Platinum Plaza in Bangkok during my first week in Thailand, it’s huge also pretty crowded mall with every stall just had their 2mx3m space, and there’s 6 floor to shop. Could you imagine what if all of them making printed promotion? surely it turns out into a place with ‘visual pollution’ right? But nope! That’s not gonna happen. They reducing printed media that consume space in their stall, and replace it with small light box just for logo. Yup! Logo only, no promotion, no details about what they sell, or contact person on it! for me it’s super brilliant solution (also cute tho).

This little light box steal my attention. 

I think there’s also other factor, the way they arrange clothes and put decoration that makes this place feel so comfortable. This less ads condition gave me some space to walk, to see what they have and it’s give my eyes sense of cleanliness.

As a Designer, i don’t mean to humiliate other designer with saying printed media is bad. No! It’s really helpful and interesting when you put good design in the right place. Please try to think about our responsibility as a designer to our environment, with using alternative media or unconventional media that carry our clients message longer and please aware with visual pollution that you made when you choose single-using printed media, keep it in the right amount pretty please. 🙂


I should bring this idea to my country in order to reducing our visual pollution problem.

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2 thoughts on “Thailand Visual Culture 1#”

  1. That’s funny how you feel about Platinum as I feel the exact opposite. It drives me nuts. All those small stalls, small alleys, and all those people. I’m getting claustrophobic just thinking about it. Interesting how different we all are 🙂

    1. Yeah, compared to indonesian mall or market for cheap-shopping destination (jogja, solo, bali,etc), platinum better in visual aspect, they don’t put too much information in their stalls which leads to visual pollution.

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