Prachinburi Trip

Again, thanks for Thailand Travel Trip Group on Facebook!

I went to Prachinburi in 29-30 September 2018, with other friends who knew about this group (mostly SIIT student). That was really fun and really instagram-able to post hahaha i paid 1.200 Baht (canoeing and meals not included)

The first place we went to is Aden farm, which is still around Rangsit but i think it’s a bit in border area. This place is really good for having lunch with family with paddy field view, it’s remind me of my hometown 🙁 but i recommend anybody to come here not in mid-day because it will be sooo hot, and i went to this place not in the right time :/


Second place is Wang Bon Waterfall it’s around Khao Yai forest, this is the best place in this Prachinburi trip! Canoeing in this place is hella cheap, only 50 Baht and you can canoeing around the lake and enjoy the waterfall. Too bad, i don’t bring enough clothes to change at that time, so i can’t enjoy the waterfall fully 🙁 but still the view is just perfect! I could spent whole day or camping there, but we have to move soon, and it went rain a little bit at that time.

Then we went to Khao Yai national park, but only took some pictures in front of the gate because the entry fee is like 500 baht (or 800? i guess, i forgot), and not all people agree with that price, so we didn’t look inside, maybe next time!

That’s for the first day, and we went to our hostel or motel or whatever in city of the district which i don’t know the name, but this small city steal my attention because we arrived around 6 at that time, 6.30 we went out to grab some food, and it’s super quiet. Perhaps only 5 stores open at that time, i only saw 2 or 3 street food sellers, the market is closed, the only place that seems open 24/7 is Mini Big C and 7/11 at that time, so we grab some food from Big C. It takes 5 minutes walk to Big C and at that time maybe just 4 cars and couple of motorbikes passing by every 5 minutes, it’s like a dead city or abandoned city also. Maybe this is what everybody means with ‘Thailand is not just about Bangkok or Phuket, you should see other province as well’ and now i get it.

So the second day, we visited Murdannia Giganteum, it’s a purple flowers field. We lucky we came at the right time, because i heard from friend during this trip, she went to this place before and the flowers hasn’t bloom yet hahaha it’s beautiful but i got easily bored because it’s just one color flowers and too much people coming, somehow there’s somebody behind us when we took the picture hahaha :v

Next, the place called Verona. This place is soo good for taking some pictures in old-european theme building, country theme, farm theme, and something with nature in the background. I had good mood while im here and i don’t know why, because most of the time i don’t like to be in a ‘touristic place’ where all we can do just taking pictures or shopping, no nature no animals or anything, i hate that.

After that we visited Dinosaur Park, of course it’s just statue of dinosaur in the middle of the jungle, oh there’s Godzilla statue had a fight with Hanoman in here hahahahaha i’m freakin serious. The weather so hot while we’re here, the trees around statues really help us from burning, so yeah so far not that bad but not that good, just reminiscing my childhood memories because i’m so obsessed with dinosaur at that time 😀

The final place is Prachinburi Park, this place is not that ‘park’ it’s more like forest or lake or something similar with that, but yeah nature never disappointed me even this place is just small and far from the civilisation hahaha at first most of people wanted to swim in the river (maybe lake, i’m not sure), but local people that we met in this place said not to swim here, because there’s snakes in the river, so just some people who dare to swim did.

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