Mendadak Podcast Special Oleh-Oleh Vol. 01

I’m back to my podcast again!
After a long wait, finally i had an idea to share what i knew from people around me about their experiences, stories, and point of view about this world, because i really like to know whatever on people’s mind, and share it!

So i talked with my friend from Japan Genki Hamada about his experience while in Thailand also when he had opportunity to study in Australia. We talked about the difference culture between Thailand-Japan-Australia, superstitions, religion, and anything.

You can hear first special episode directly here:

Don’t forget to follow my podcast (me and my friend made it), we called it Mendadak Podcast (english: Suddenly Podcast) because we had idea to record it always suddenly, no plans before hahahaha. Before this, we recorded and talk in Bahasa Indonesia, because it’s special episodes so we will talk in english. Enjoy! Don’t forget to leave some comments below 😉

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