Let’s Move!

I don’t think i knew myself as much i know it now?

Because since i moved here there’s lot of things that i understand. How my mind works, how i could behave like this, like that, and why am i doing this instead of that. And i think everybody should try that too.

I mean, try to move somewhere far, in a place really-really new and let yourself completely lost. It’s really important since we always angry with everything that far from our expectations, and solo traveling is just the best way to know how far your patience works and how you handle some emergency situation by yourself. I don’t mean it has to be in different country, you can try to travel far from your hometown, ignore those social media and your chats. Because it’s quite often for us get lost with our phone rather than lost in crowded place or even in quiet place, we think we know everything as if the world is in our hand, but the simple and detail things surround? i don’t think so.

I never realise that i have pretty concern in environmental issues around me, also how far my rebellious soul work and didn’t work sometimes (how’s my GPS feeling versus other people said about direction that i asked) hahaha i never knew that if i didn’t try solo traveling.

And you should know yourself more as well! Not just based on the personality result that you got from 16personalities or even horoscope that you read on magazine hahahaha because personalities test just makes you feel special, without solving any of your personalities problem, in this case i thought i’m special as INFJ (1-3%, and it said ‘rare’) but later i find out there’s 4 of my friend who has same result by reading what they share in social media and said that they’re INFJ, also i don’t think i could mirror myself with those person(?) since i don’t really like one my INFJ friend that much, no hate but just a person that i never consider as a first person that i should call when i need to work/help with something.

Find out what’s wrong with yourself, also find something new about yourself is really fun during travelling. Because you’re the only person who know it, and you should fix that thing immediately by yourself, if you want to have a fun times in a good mood while travelling. I don’t think you could experience that if you go somewhere with your friends, i mean that’s good too, you know how’s your friends truly are and getting know more about them, but some of you maybe a bit afraid to get lost by yourself, just get lost dude!!!

Going somewhere alone, makes me think about everything in my life with daydreaming while seeing the city scape in a bus/van/train and that’s my favourite part in every journey! For me it feels different, when daydreaming about something in crowded place makes me feel grateful, and daydreaming alone in my bedroom makes me feel lonely and pessimistic about everything.

And you should try it too.


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