First Problem : Language

It’s been a month since i flew to Thailand, and this is my first ever away from my beloved country.

For couple days before i leave, i feel so nervous about ‘what if i can’t speak with them, and i can’t really connected with the local people?’ because some of my foreign friends who study in my university ended up went back home early just because they can’t really connected with schools, the vibes, and stuffs.

My first day in Thailand, language was my huge problem because i can’t speak Thai, and the front office lady who works in V.K.P apartment can’t understand english, all she said to me just ‘no room’. Luckily, she asked the owner of V.K.P who have laundry place in basement to come and THE OWNER CAN SPEAK ENGLISH! Then they talked, and the owner said sorry because there’s no room left in there. I was desperate, i remember my other option, and it’s not that far from V.K.P so i ordered grab car.

While i’m waiting my grab car to come, Mrs. Naree (V.K.P Owner) called me, and asked me like; what am i doing here, where am i come from, and stuff like that.

She said ”yeah, she (the front office lady) still check out if there’s room left or no. You can wait here.”

Gosh! she’s my saviour!! God Bless this lady forever!!

Then i canceled the grab car after i knew that there’s room for me in V.K.P. The room was really nice, i can see beautiful night from my balcony, the price was super cheap if it’s compared with other apartment closed to Thammasat, also if i have roommate it’s crazy cheap (but i don’t have one ’till now) ๐Ÿ™ It’s close to 7-11 and some street food place around here.

V.K.P from below

The only thing i can ask was ”kai?’‘ which means “Chicken?” because i don’t eat pork and i’m allergic to sea food. Again, God Bless this place! there’s chicken seller right in front of 7-11, that was my first food ever i had in here, even the rice was really absurd hahaha it cost like 50 baht (or 60?, i forget) with rice, but ย the rice was like sticky rice and made me full just in half portion.

For 2-3 days, i just locked myself in my room, i went out just for food, and that was really hard and a bit frustrating at first hahaha. I had video call couple times with my family and friends, but i’m human tho! i need real talk, person to person right in front of me, not just from phone.

Then i found out that lot’s of Indonesian stay in V.K.P as well! Yey finally!!! I will write in other post about the detail. There’s 3 person who had same scholarship program like me, Nida, Yumna, and Galih, they’re from UAD (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan) Jogja. Finally i have friends that i can have real talk in here, since then we hanging out a lot and i started to feel fine with everything.

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