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Here in Thailand, i found only few people can speak english, i mean some are just okay to understand and reply, but most of the time they totally can’t, and some ended up refuse everything i asked (still with thai). If you travel around Thailand, you would see people with different capabilities in terms of speaking english, like this; (i’m so sorry if this one too judgemental)

  • People who can speak english, could be very well or just a little
    This kind of people mostly in a cafe, or food stall around touristic places and it’s quite a lot
  • People who know what we said but they don’t know how to reply
    I think just few people that i met in Thailand had this problem, and some people later ask us to wait and they ask their friend who speak english to help.
  • People who totally can’t understand english
    Mostly in a place were far from touristic place and just thai people around, so they don’t need to speak in english. This is where your basic thai had important role!!

But that’s not 100% valid, just based on what i experienced. You can also found somebody who speaks english very well in everywhere all of the sudden, but never rely on that situation, you should learn basic Thai if you want to survive, just incase they can’t speak english. It could be other country who not that much people speak english as well, here’s 3 basic thing in my opinion if you want to learn other language;

  1. Learn how to Introduce yourself, and learn how to say that you can’t speaks their language.
  2. Learn how to greetings people.
  3. Number! This is important if you want to bargain something or to understand the price of transportation when you negotiate with local people.
  4. Learn how to say Yes & No, Me/I, You, We and others like Go, Eat, Stop, Here, There, Morning, Afternoon, Night, etc
  5. The emergency or some polite words, like; toilet, help, thanks, sorry, yeah something like that.

You can also put something else that you think important when we try to learn other language through comment below.

Most of the time i have to simplified my english in order to make them understand what i say, i can’t say “I want a burger, but without tomato” what i have to say is “One burger, no tomato” or “One burger, no *point out tomato*”

Back home, i have lots of foreign friends who can’t speak Indonesia and they tried their best which i really appreciate that, and once they try to speaks with me in Bahasa Indonesia, also i have to simplified my language as well.

See, if you think you do good at some language, don’t force yourself with your ‘excellence’ to other people who might still learning it. Because how communication works is when everybody in same perspective of understand, not in a same height of excellence.

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