Hello world!

Halo Kawan-kawan!
Hello Friends!
สวัสดีเพื่อน! (sawatdee pheun)
Hola Amiga!
Szia Barátok!
Hallo Freunde!

So, this is my proper blog for really last time, i will post anything i like just for the sake of consistency.
I have Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress before, but then i dumped it because it has lots of cheesy and unimportant stuff hahaha.

Actually this is my New Media Studies Class assignment, to make a blog and post anything i want. Then i remember my website still works, i made sub domain for this blog so it’s reachable if someone type it for the first time. I will share some of my experiences while i stay in Thailand, since i don’t really like to post too much video or pictures in Instagram about Thailand. No offense. it’s just me and my urge not to tell people too much about my life in Instagram.

Some articles will or better to wrote it in Bahasa Indonesia, or maybe some are really interesting to write it in English. If some articles you found it in Bahasa Indonesia and you don’t understand, better you find out the meaning from google translate because i won’t post it double hehehe sorry 😉

Enjoy, and leave some comments if you think i need some improvements or you want me to write about some topics.


Terimakasih! Thanks! ขอบคุณ! (Khòp khun) Gracias! Köszönöm! Danke Schön!

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