Funk Playlist

Last month (before i come to Thailand) i had a party with my fav people for the last time, before they come back to their countries, we had jamming session and dancing.

@redcatsabotage playing his funk music from Spotify, everybody dance and having fun. I made it into playlist some of the songs that catch my ear the first time i hear it, and i play it on repeat on my phone! Here’s the playlist for you:

1. September – Earth, Wind, & Fire
2. Let’s Groove – Earth, Wind, & Fire
3. P.Y.T – Michael Jackson
4. Midas Touch – Midnight Star
5. Mothership Connection – Parliament
6. U Bring The Freak Out – Rick James
7. And The Beat Goes On – The Whispers

+ i added some of my music in the playlist tho

8. Heatstroke – Calvin Harris
9. Lover Boy – Phum Viphurit
10. Angel Disco Love – Sunset Rollercoaster

Basically you can search it through apple music ‘Funk Dance’

(Repost from my Instagram Post)

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