Full Moon Motivation

Months and months of being unmotivated literally for everything. Today is my day 1 of trying to break the routine, after watching Dian Sastro’s interview, Kunto Aji’s Pilu Membiru, and some great designs i saw on internet.

Selama ini ter-ninabobo sama ngejar next, next, next tapi realitanya aku masih jalan di tempat aja. My mom let me do whatever makes me happy, at the same time i was too clumsy handling my own responsibility.

I keep trying to proof my mom that i could be her independent-little-girl, but the more i try it, the more seems i’m far away from my closest goal. And that makes my mom way more worried about me (i guess).

I mean whatever it is, fuck it. I’m trying my best from now on.

Fuck motivations, do that fucking job, do that things that you should do right now! Or you’ll never be in that goddamn finish line, ever.

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