Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018

Digital Thailand Big Bang Poster 2018

I don’t expect anything about this event, because i thought it’s just a ‘tech fair’ as usual, and i came because of my new media studies class field trip.

Before i came inside, i found a group of people that i think they’re from Indonesia when i brought something in 7-11, and once i read their tag YES THEY’RE FROM INDONESIA. But too bad, they’re going somewhere and seems in a rush, before i can say hi. Right after that, i expect this event will be huge! from the arena that seems fancy and super big (because i heard it’s international concert scale), also there’s Indonesian people come all the way here, it must be something special right?

Once i arrived in the venue, yeaah it’s HUGE indeed!!

I saw and visit some booth, it’s really amazing and inspiring! Let’s talk some booth that steal my attention!

GET! by Gojek

Once i arrived in Thailand, i just wondering why there’s no apps for ordering motorbike taxi just like Gojek in Indonesia, when there’s lots of motorbike taxi driver around Bangkok and Rangsit?

Finally they will have it soon! I saw their booth in here, and ask couple question about this app, they just answer half of my question, and the rest was just ”we can’t say that right now”. But still, i’m so happy finally Thailand will have it, even maybe some features will slightly different with Gojek app in Indonesia. As you know, people in different country might have different culture and behaviour as well, and it could effect the features that offered in the apps for sure.

Once it launch, i’m really optimistic that this app will HUGE in here. Because i felt that Gojek has save my life really often with the features, it helps people in low-class to get a job with just sign up as motorbike driver or cleaner, or car driver, or courier.

Be prepared with shifting behaviour, buddy! From ordering grab/taxi to motorbike.

Because it’s cheapest choice, and you don’t have to bothered with bargaining. If you going somewhere far alone, it’s quite expensive to order taxi right? With motorbike taxi app you can just order it from your phone, you can wait it inside your house while preparing your stuffs.

Don’t worry if your house is located in area with small streets, maybe taxi can’t access it, but motorbike will! And usually using motorbike faster than taxi during the after-work hours. Seems interesting right?

Oh, the other thing is, i met Crystal Widjaja!! OMG OMG OMG! For those who don’t know her, she’s head of Big Data in Gojek and I swear i just watched her presentation in Bukatalk about how Gojek manage their Big Data, like a week before this event, then i can met her IN PERSON!! God bless this place!


This one is really amazing with the technology and social impact. They have technology that knows the humidity, amount of water in the soil, and anything that you need to know when you plant something. Just one click on your phone, and it’s connected with device that process the information about the plants.

Also they support small startups to grow and develop their idea through DTAC Accelerate and the things that really touch me was there’s startups that help poor people who has problem with loan shark (i forgot the startup name), also i’m a bit forget how that startups works, but all i can remember was when the guy told me about that startup, i just wowing and think that’s really really brilliant!

Thailand Post

They have blue box which you can buy it before you need it and once you need to send something, you just need to pack it in that box, and give it to post office officer. You don’t even have to queue in the post office.


I don’t know about the detail features, but they just asked me to try touching the LCD to see CCTV record. It’s creepy, i think i could be instant detective if i have this tools. Because it can access to CCTV every spot in mall, and other places that they have it on the list.

Job Fest by Getlinks

This one also cool! i sign up getlinks because of this booth. So basically, they’re platform where designers, web developers, programmers, and other IT thing, meet the company. So we can fill the basic information, skills, and experiences, company will find you by your expertise and experience, and they will come to you to offer the job.

Big Bang Hologram Concert

They have K-pop boyband concert in hologram! Well, actually i didn’t watch it because i’m still busy to sign up in Job Fest booth, also i’m not a fan of K-pop stuff so i’m just waiting in the outside once i finish, but my friends tried it and seems they really enjoy because it looks like real one. I think it could be the future of entertainment business; low cost concert! hahaha

Oculus VR

I tried Oculus VR for the first time, and that was really fun! I played something almost like fruit ninja game, but it’s using lighsaber in space haha i tried it twice, when actually i wanna play it again and again.

JD Central

They have face recognition technology that allows you to buy anything, and by recognising your face, they will take the money from your balance in cashier by the data that collected before. It’s not even card-less again now, maybe they want in near future will be face-less? hahaha

Yeah, so far if i can rate the event perhaps 7.5/10, because just some booth that could steal my attention.

My lecturer in this class also write a quick review about this event, kindly check out his website for more updates anything about Thailand.



P.s: I’m so sorry i can’t show you bunch of nice picture about this, because i don’t know why i can’t upload it in here, i can only upload that poster 🙁

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