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So, it’s been amazing months to spent my after-Thailand-life in Jakarta for internship.

I always hate Jakarta before, because of traffic jam, pollutions, and i never really into crowded place. Before i had to stay in here for Internship, i came to Jakarta for some occasion, tho i was just standing on the street i feel dizzy already… Dizzy for nothing hahaha plus if i stuck in the traffic jam, the dizzy just getting worst.

Now i’m okay with everything, even though still.. Jakarta wasn’t my favourite city to live, i had been to some city that as crowded as Jakarta, and Jakarta is the worst for me hahaha but if i had to stay in Jakarta for work, i don’t know.. Probably i will take it if it’s good in salary or in terms of experience, if it’s not hell noo!!

Speaking of which, i got my intern in Visinema Pictures as Graphic Designer from February until the end of April 2019, and i just arrived Indonesia in mid of January, what a quick decision huh?🤔 I need this fast-track so i could graduate this year *finger crossed.*

Visinema is a movie production house based in South Jakarta, and i’m so excited when i knew i could take my intern in here! Because some of their movies that i watch was super cool and it such an honour for me if i could take a part in their movies 😀 one of my favourite Indonesian movie ever is Love for Sale, Visinema is the one who made that beautiful sad movie hahaha you can watch Love for Sale on Netflix btw.

So far, from Feb-April i could take part in two movies, Terlalu Tampan and Mantan Manten. Most of my work is made design for Instagram content or Twitter content, never been so happy when i know they put my design on Instagram and Twitter!! But still i had to learn to make a better design, because most of the time i could find some flaws in my design and i had to revise it for couple times ’til the words ‘okay’ came up from my advisors, that’s when i could see an angles came up from the sky hahaha.

Now i get what AdamJK said about doing what we love,

i never ever feel tired doing this, even in some hectic week i had to work during weekend as well, i’m okay and still feels excited doing those thing! What a magic! And i’m thinking, how it feels like to be in a job that you never wanted and super boring? it must be exhausted right? like you came to the office and sat there for an hour but it feels like a week already. Oo Lord of these Universe please don’t do that to me..🙏🏼

I’m grateful for whatever i’m doing now and really proud with that!

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