Covid’s Birthday

It’s late to talk about this in here, my birthday was like months before this post, but that was when Covid-19 already here. HAVING BIRTHDAY DURING COVID-19 was amazing for me!

First, i didn’t have to force myself to go out and have my friends surprises or even prank me just for the sake of my birthday. Because i actually don’t like birthday surprise and pranks in general.

Having birthday just like the other day was really something that i want, it’s already a gift for me. I don’t like put some days as ‘special day’ just because there are something in there, like people hate Monday, i don’t hate it. Or people love weekends, i love it too but not too excited about it. I tell you something, if you ever excited too much about something, if that turns out as something like what you expected to be, then you’ll pass it quick.

Actually i planned to have birthday toast in Thailand with my friends there, but seems this Covid-19 getting worst at that time, so i had to cancel my flight, and i felt sad for this one.

But what ever it is, you (my friends) reading this, please don’t give me a surprise on my birthday or even a prank. Or i’ll sue you for that.

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