A Day in Ayutthaya

Fresh from the oven! I just came from Ayutthaya today, and that was really fun.

So, there’s a Facebook group about Thailand Travel Trip arranged by Phi Kasem, and it’s very low-cost trip. I knew this facebook group because of my Indonesian friend who likes to travel recommend me to join, and yeah of course i’m down for everything in cheap price! LOL

Before Ayutthaya trip, i joined Pranchinburi trip last month and that was soooo amazing and hella cheap, maybe i can tell it on my next post. For Ayutthaya, I got discount 50% because Prachinburi trip, from 300 Baht normal price i only pay 150 Baht *money-money-money*.

We depart from Chiangrak 7-11 (VKP) around 8am. From VKP, only me and Vihn (my Vietnamese friend) who join this trip.

The first place we visited is Big Reclining Buddha at Wat Khun Inthapramun, there’s Buddha statue, palace, and some food/craft sellers. They have beautiful main building if you come to second floor there’s a place to pray (for Buddhist) and it’s surrounded by beautiful detailed murals, there’s pictures of local people who involved in the construction of the building in one side of the wall which is super cool.

The Buddha Statue
The Main Building
Main Building Inside (2nd floor)
The Mural of peoples who involved


Next stop is Bang Rachan Memorial Park, they have soldiers statue in the center of the park and there’s museum about the war between Thailand and Burma, for me it’s really interesting, but too bad only 40% translated in English 🙁 But the park really good place to chill and read a book tho.

Statue to Respect the Hero
One of murals in the museum


In front of memorial park, there’s Bang Racha Thai Retro Market. It’s Thai old style market in the time of war, that’s why there’s some people who wear traditional battlefield costume inside of market, don’t forget to take picture with them or have a lunch with views of river if you visit this place.

There are so many sellers actually, but this picture i took in a part of the market were mostly close.


Ban Bang Sadet Court Doll Project, is a Queen Sirikit in 1976 project to empower people in that village to make Thai traditional clay statue and promote them to become Thailand famous souvenirs. I brought 2 mini-elephant statue only 10 baht each. This place really interesting actually, if i had more time i would join workshop for this clay of course!

Live Workshop
Statues of food seller


Elephant Kraal Pavilion, it’s like village for elephants hahaha because i never see too many elephant in my life :v and they’re really cuteeee OMG. You don’t need to pay for coming to this place, but i don’t know how much the price if you want to join the elephant taking a bath in river.

Taking a bath normally
Taking a bath in river


Wat Mahathat, It’s a Buddhist temple in Ayutthaya and really famous with head of Buddha stuck in a tree. Based on story that i heard, long time ago when nobody take care of the place, there’s some bad people steal the head of Buddha statue and sell it. That’s why some buddha statue didn’t have head.

One of temple building in Wat Mahathat
Big Buddha statue surrounded by the small one (the one that the head stolen)

I can’t upload the picture of head of Buddha stuck in a tree 🙁 you can googling it by yourself anyway.

I will post my Prachinburi trip next, stay tune! Thanks for read my shitty post until finish, see ya next week.

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