22 years old girl who love to entertain people through music, laugh, and design.

She’s half human, almost full-time zombie that’s why she’s half vegan. She don’t eat pork because it’s gross, also seafood even river or pond fish because she’s allergic to expensive food . No rabbit meat!! because it’s cute (lots of Indonesian eat that). She will eat lettuce like a goat, or eat ice cube even it’s raining.

She likes to make people laugh, that’s why she try her material every friday in a cafe (in Indonesia). She’s in ‘funny people’ mode only when in good mood, she can easily entertain herself with making new playlist or eat some of her favourite food.

Deeply in love with design, she believe design is not just a ‘visual thing’ but it has background story, big ideas, complicated process and huge impact to society. Study Visual Communication Design in Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta (Central Java), and got the opportunity to study Mass Media in Thammasat University Thailand as exchange student.

At first she thought she might be a musician, but then music is just a love affair while focusing herself to study design. That’s why you’ll see some of her doodle typography in Instagram about songs or lyrics, and become really super duper excited if you hands her music project that she has to work for visual parts.

She play some of the instruments such as keyboard, guitar, and drum (back then). Mostly she just play for herself, never been on huge stage besides a local band festival competition  that she attended when she sat in junior high school. She will join you on the dance floor if you met her at a party, or jamming together and sing some old songs.

She’s a weird nerd and old soul geek.
She don’t like to be judge by her cover, but shit! she works on design!

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